Aesthetic Cosmetic Dentistry in Altrincham, Hale & Bowdon

Teeth can deteriorate due to wear, decay or cracks developing over time. There are numerous ways of repairing your teeth to restore their beautiful appearance and strengthen them. Our team of Altrincham cosmetic dentists work with you to discuss your needs to ensure your teeth are rebuilt in a healthy mouth.

Cosmetic Composite Bonding (White Fillings)

This is a minimally invasive way of repairing your teeth with a material that mimics the anatomy of your teeth. This can repair decayed, worn, gappy and crooked teeth.

For patients wishing the replacement of amalgam fillings, our dentists only recommend this when there is evidence of breakdown of the filling due to decay or cracks.

Find out more about white fillings and view examples of our work here.

Cosmetic Dental Crowns

Crowns/Caps are porcelain restorations that are used to repair broken down and heavily filled teeth including those that have root canal treatments. Crowns protect the underlying tooth from fracture due to our chewing forces.

There are various types of crowns available. Our experienced team can advise you of your options and what is recommended based on your individual circumstances following an initial consultation.

We work with some of the best technicians to ensure that your crowns are lifelike, suit your face and indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

Find out more about crowns and view examples of our work here.