Barrington Dental Care do not currently offer a mobile smile service but do please call us on 0161 928 0014 to discuss your dental care and how we may best be able to serve you.

If you are looking for a friendly, family dental practice or are considering teeth straightening or whitening, or perhaps you are looking to find out how a dental implant may help improve your smile? Then call our team at Barrington Dental Care.

Mobile Smiles is a local service that provides dental treatment to people who are house bound, in long term hospital care, or in a nursing home. It covers anyone who for whatever reason cannot visit the main surgery in Altrincham – Barrington Dental Care.

Mobile Smiles comprehensive range of services includes;

  • Emergency callout
  • Full dental examinations
  • Simple scaling, cleaning and preventative advice [including Diet assistance]
  • Denture advice
  • New replacement dentures, relines repairs and additions
  • In certain cases simple fillings and extractions can be performed
  • Most extractions can be done on site. However, if your medical history requires that you have it done in hospital then you will be promptly referred.

Where treatment requires a visit to the practice, ground floor and wheelchair access is available.

Please contact the surgery at 0161 928 0014 to discuss treatment options with Linda. Please note that this is a private service at the moment and costs may vary.