Dentures, bridges and dental implants

Teeth can be lost due to trauma, decay and gum disease. They can also be missing from birth. Our qualified Altrincham dentists can advise you which is the most appropriate option to achieve your goals. The basis of any consultation is to ensure your mouth healthy before replacing teeth.


A denture is a cost effective removable appliance that can replace some or all teeth. It can also help support the your lip, face and cheeks to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Dentures can be secured to remaining teeth to allow you to smile and eat with confidence. Should you have no remaining teeth, dentures can be stabilized by dental implants. Our dentists work with the best technicians to ensure that you have a secure and natural looking smile.

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A bridge is fixed tooth that is connected to the tooth/teeth either side of the gap(s). The adjacent tooth/teeth are modified to attach the bridge. A bridge is only advised if the respective teeth/gums are relatively healthy.

Bridges improve the appearance of your smile and stabilize your bite to ensure you can smile and eat without any worry. Bridges require an excellent standard of oral hygiene and with regular visits to our dental team we can ensure they stand the tests of time.

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Dental Implant Clinic Altrincham

Dental implants are currently the most natural means of replacing missing teeth. The implant acts as titanium roots which integrate with the bone on to which teeth can be attached. They also minimise the loss of bone following removal of teeth. With careful planning an implant retained tooth can be difficult to distinguish when compared to natural teeth.

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