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Holiday time – are you ready?

For many of us the Spring and Summer marks the start of the holiday season and especially a time for travel. Maybe visiting relatives for a family Wedding or jetting off abroad somewhere?

When we travel abroad most of us consider travel insurance but that’s not always the case when travelling within the UK.

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Do I Really Need To Clean Between My Teeth?

Cleaning in between teeth can be quite a chore, we understand this, so is it really necessary?

Unfortunately it is! If you don’t routinely clean between your teeth you could be leaving up to 25% of the tooth surface dirty and therefore at risk of tooth decay and the gums at risk of gum disease.

How to enjoy Easter without becoming a chocolate fiend!

Easter is fast approaching and for most of us and especially our children, chocolate will probably feature and maybe in excess too! We all want some fun and we don’t want to dampen your enjoyment so how can we help keep your teeth protected yet still participate?


Frequency of sugar intake

It is still frequency of sugar intake that is our biggest concern.

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Gadgets in Dentistry- Vanity or Necessity?

Many of us like a new gadget or two, but are our lives really better with them? Perhaps the job can be done just as well the old fashioned way?

This may be true in some instances but we’ve found over the years that in Dentistry some gadgets can really enhance patient care and treatment outcomes.

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Is it really important to have good dental health?

Most of us understand the importance of good general health and the benefits that being in good health bring but is it the same for dental health? After all if you’re fit and healthy, exercising well and eating well does it matter how your teeth and gums are?

Well, we are obviously biased and say yes,

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How Should I look After & Clean My Teeth?

There are lots of techniques when it comes to tooth brushing, and really it is not one rule fits all. Some techniques work better than others for you. Your Dental Hygienist will help you with a plan that is personal to you, one that is straight forward and easy to follow.

Should I use an electric toothbrush?