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Is it really important to have good dental health?

Is it really important to have good dental health?

Most of us understand the importance of good general health and the benefits that being in good health bring but is it the same for dental health? After all if you’re fit and healthy, exercising well and eating well does it matter how your teeth and gums are?

Well, we are obviously biased and say yes, of course it matters, but what of the evidence?

The World Health Organisation states that good Oral Health is essential for good General Health and Quality of Life.

There are also many disorders of the body that show up first in the mouth. This shows that regular dental visits can be vitally important to pick up signs and symptoms of general diseases. By seeing our patients at least every six months, we are regularly checking you and noticing changes that you may not notice.

We understand the links between Diabetes and Oral Health, particularly Gum Disease. So much so, that changes in blood sugar levels can affect gum disease and importantly improvements in gum disease can help control diabetes.

There have also been links to heart disease and gum disease as well as other conditions such as shown in the diagram.

Your dental team is well placed to spot early signs of all sorts of conditions and help guide you with the appropriate path for care and referral.


Does it mean if I have poor dental health then I will have poor general health?

No, that doesn’t necessarily follow, having good oral health is a great way to help your self have better general health and if you do have a condition then having better dental health may actually help improve that condition. We aren’t saying it can cure it but definitely having poor oral health can lead to worsening of any general health condition.

There is therefore, a strong argument for having the best oral health you possibly can.

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Great oral health is at the heart of everything we do. We want to ensure you get the best preventive advice and we work hard as a team to deliver that for you. Having great oral health and a smile you can be proud of will also reap other benefits such as improved confidence and a feel good factor about yourself.


So what are the essentials to achieve the best oral health I can?

  • Regular dental visits to your dentist and dental hygienist
  • Implementation of a personalised preventive plan
  • Reduce sugar intake and sticky starchy foods between meals
  • Use of a fluoride toothpaste
  • Be mouth aware – anything unusual then see your dental team, don’t leave it until your next regular check
  • If you have a medical condition ensure your dental team are aware and they can offer added advice
  • If you have a medical condition try and follow the specific guidance from your medical team to keep as healthy as possible


If you haven’t had a dental check for some time or you have something of concern, why not get in touch and speak to one of our dental team. We accept new patients all the time and would be delighted to see you.


Dr Monder Zbaeda
Principal Dental Surgeon
Barrington Dental


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