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Private, Cosmetic & Dental Implant Treatments in Altrincham



Altrincham Dentist

At Barrington Dental Care and Dental Implant Clinic in Altrincham we have a strong emphasis on preventive dentistry.

Our team are highly experienced and qualified to deliver a range of high quality dental treatments in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

We work closely with our patients to create and implement tailored treatment plans that will result in excellent dental healthy and a confident smile. 


Check My Teeth

Our team works together to provide an excellent standard of preventive care for you, minimising complex dental problems further down the line. 


Repair My Teeth

We use the latest dental techniques and equipment in combination with our experience to restore your teeth back to their natural beauty.


Replace My Teeth

Loosing a tooth can be upsetting but our experienced dental team take the time to discuss all replacement options with you.


Enhance My Teeth

We can enhance your smile with the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques to give you confidence in your smile again.