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When All Is Lost It Most Certainly Is Not The End!

When All Is Lost It Most Certainly Is Not The End!

When a tooth is damaged, abscessed, missing through trauma or sporting injury, we will do all we can to save it.

With improvements in outcome with root canal treatments this has helped considerably but even so, sometimes we just have to tell you that a tooth needs to be removed.

It may also be that gum disease has progressed and in actual fact several teeth need to be lost despite yours and our best efforts.

When we have to deliver that news it is always comforting to know there are plenty of choices for replacement that mean you can eat, chew and talk just as before without impact on your life.

Our team of dentists will spend time to discuss the various options and take into consideration the rest of your teeth, your overall health and how you may react to various treatments.

Ultimately it will be your choice but we know it can feel overwhelming so we will help you with these choices.

So what can be done to replace missing teeth.

A Denture
A removable solution for missing teeth – probably the most old fashioned but still very useful and for some this is the best course of action. Dentures can be constructed in flexible plastics now and even have soft linings for comfort. If many teeth are missing this may be the way to help keep the facial tissues supported, and so help reduce ageing. Dentures are still often used as an interim treatment perhaps when we are waiting for healing to occur.

Dental Bridges
These are fixed replacements for missing teeth and usually either a fixed bridge or a Maryland style. A fixed bridge involves quite a lot of preparation of the teeth either side of the space – fine if you’ve already got crowns there. Otherwise a more conservative bridge is a Maryland or a “sticky” bridge. These can even avoid tooth preparation all together. Whether your teeth are suitable for a bridge will depend on many factors and you will require X-rays of your teeth to assess the health and support of the roots.

Dental Implants
Again a permanent fixed way to replace missing teeth. A dental implant is a small rod, usually made of titanium, which is inserted into the bone where a tooth is missing. It is left to fuse with the bone over a 3-4 month period and then uncovered and used as a root to restore into a crown. If several implants are placed they can be used to support a fixed bridge and even a full mouth set of teeth. Dental implants can also be placed to help fix a denture in place by “clicking” into fixtures on the implants. Again, whether or not you are suitable for dental implants will depend on many factors and will involve X-rays and possible even a CT scan of your bone.

When deciding on how to replace missing teeth we will spend time to discuss all the alternatives and we also want to give you a solution that will last so you can be certain once you embark on your treatment journey the solution is right for you.

Why not get in touch and arrange an appointment for assessment if any of these issues affect you?

At Barrington Dental Care in Altrincham, we are waiting to help just call 0161 929 1251


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