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Smile Transformations

Smile Transformations

With the year coming to a close we start to turn to thoughts of a New Year and new fresh beginnings. Often we think about better health, more exercise and better eating habits. It is also a time we may spend time considering changes to our appearance and this is particularly true where your teeth are concerned!

The good news is that you don’t need lots of dental treatment to effect quite a dramatic change in your appearance and well-being

So what can be done?

  • A dental hygiene visit can improve your gum health and brighten and freshen your teeth quickly and effectively. When teeth are cleaner and brighter they often look straighter and this has an added impact on your confidence straight away.
  • Tooth Whitening – again when teeth are whitened they often look transformed and straighter. With two systems to whiten teeth at Barrington Dental in Altrincham there will definitely a system to suit you. Either at home with tray whitening or fast in-surgery whitening.
  • Simple fillings and add on to teeth of tooth coloured composite filling to contour or replace old amalgam restorations does wonders quite simply.
  • More complex restorations such as crowns or bridges to fill gaps or perhaps dental implants to replace missing teeth with a more permanent solution?
  • Teeth can be straightened using modern tooth straightening systems that do not require the amount of time that conventional orthodontics has traditionally needed. Shorter times, such as 5-8 months are quoted because we only straighten the cosmetic front, “smiling six” teeth.

What if I need a combination of treatments?

In reality if you require something more than a simple hygiene or whitening treatment then it is likely you will need a combination of treatment. These can be called Smile Makeovers and can incorporate just a few elements or many. Indeed, there may not just be one course of treatment possible. Our dental team will work with you to understand your concerns and analyse how treatment can progress before offering you options.

Whilst we can’t decide the treatment for you we can help guide you ad answer as many questions as possible. It can often take a little while to decide on such a treatment and we will not rush you. We understand that complex treatments are routine to us but not to you and you need to be happy with the course of action you embark on.

Smile Makeovers can involve:

tooth whitening in altrincham South Manchester

What about costs?

Costs will obviously vary depending on the type of treatment and how much treatment is required. We always spend time to discuss costs with you and we can provide alternative methods of payment including Interest Free Loans.

Some of the treatment plans can seem very costly and consideration needs to be given to the future as a well planned and thought out treatment plan can keep you healthier and need less future maintenance and therefore less future investment required.

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What next?

If you would like to discuss these alternatives and improving your smile in 2018 then do get in touch on 0161 928 0014 and arrange an initial chat.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Monder Zbaeda
Principal Dental Surgeon
Barrington Dental Care


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