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Tricks and Treats – Protect your teeth!

Protecting Your Teeth this Halloween with Barrington Dental Care in Manchester. Halloween is a thrilling time of year, filled with costumes, spooky decorations, and delicious sweets. While it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge, it’s essential to remember that the overconsumption of sugary treats can have a scary impact on your oral health. Barrington Dental Care in […]

Teeth Whitening – Prepare to Dazzle!

Most of us would probably like our teeth to be a little bit whiter if not quite a bit whiter but did you know it is easier than ever now to achieve this?   Over time, some of the foods and drinks we consume can stain our teeth and they do generally darken with age. […]

Holiday time – are you ready?

For many of us the Spring and Summer marks the start of the holiday season and especially a time for travel. Maybe visiting relatives for a family Wedding or jetting off abroad somewhere? When we travel abroad most of us consider travel insurance but that’s not always the case when travelling within the UK. What […]

Can I Really Enjoy My Visits To The Dentist?

Of course, we may be biased, but we really do think you can.   Gone are the days of the unpleasant unapproachable staff and the horrible smelling dental practice with scary looking equipment. The problem for many lies in those memories, perhaps how they were treated as a child because we do appreciate that those […]

Do I Really Need To Clean Between My Teeth?

Cleaning in between teeth can be quite a chore, we understand this, so is it really necessary? Unfortunately it is! If you don’t routinely clean between your teeth you could be leaving up to 25% of the tooth surface dirty and therefore at risk of tooth decay and the gums at risk of gum disease. […]

Why Have Regular Dental Health Checks?

Dr Monder Zbaeder give you some general dental advice associated with your dental health check, for example what is the optimal interval between dental checkups and what should you do to maintain your oral health on a day to day basis.

What to do when you or your child knocks out a tooth.

With improving dental health most of us are able to keep teeth for life, however teeth still need to be replaced and often the reason is trauma, the tooth has been knocked out and usually in a sporting accident. This is very common in children and can also happen in adults – what to do?

How Should I look After & Clean My Teeth?

There are lots of techniques when it comes to tooth brushing, and really it is not one rule fits all. Some techniques work better than others for you. Your Dental Hygienist will help you with a plan that is personal to you, one that is straight forward and easy to follow. Should I use an […]