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The Importance of the Dental MOTa

The Importance of the Dental MOTa

For those motorists amongst you, we probably use our cars every day to drive to work, do the school run and socially. We perform regular services and an MOT every year. Why? To ensure that the car is safe, efficient and it saves us costly repair bills in the long term.

Our bodies and our mouths are no different. Seeing your dentist and hygienist regularly will allow you to ensure your mouth is health (safe), functioning to it’s best capacity (efficient) and the preventative advice given by your dental team is no different as it minimises any active treatment required (cost-effective).

Your oral health reviews (check ups, examinations) include the following:

  • A review of your medical health and any recent changes
  • A review of your daily tooth and gum cleaning technique
  • Jaw joint assessment
  • Muscle and lymph nodes assessment
  • Review of the health of the ‘soft tissues’ in your mouth, like tongue and cheeks
  • Review of gum health
  • Review of teeth health (cracks, decay, worn surfaces, loose teeth)
  • This may be complemented with selective x-rays and photographs

After this thorough assessment we will give you an easy to follow summary of the findings and discuss options should you wish. We will always advise you what we feel is in your best interests and we hope you will value your oral health to take this onboard.


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