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How Should I look After & Clean My Teeth?

There are lots of techniques when it comes to tooth brushing, and really it is not one rule fits all. Some techniques work better than others for you. Your Dental Hygienist will help you with a plan that is personal to you, one that is straight forward and easy to follow.

Should I use an electric toothbrush?

Back to School Oral Health Advice in Altrincham

Back to School & Looking After Your Oral Health


It’s that time of year for new beginnings and fresh starts, no not January 1st but the start of the new school year. Children will be returning to school to varied mixtures of joy and sadness from parents and young adults heading away from home from the first time to college and university.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

Most us feel some level of anxiety when preparing for a visit to see our dentist. For some this anxiety can be so great it can stop them visiting all together.

We want you to know that we understand this and we all have to be patients from time to time so we work hard to make your visit as pleasant and as relaxed as possible.

Elaine’s smile transformation

Happy patient of the week:

Elaine was unhappy with her upper and lower teeth and had suffered from gum disease. This lead to mobile teeth and chronic infections. After discussing her options and allowing Elaine time to reflect, we decided to replace her failing teeth with implant supported dentures. As we progressed through treatment we ensured that Elaine was suitable for implant treatment and that she was able to maintain an adequate standard of oral hygiene.

The Importance of the Dental MOTa

For those motorists amongst you, we probably use our cars every day to drive to work, do the school run and socially. We perform regular services and an MOT every year. Why? To ensure that the car is safe, efficient and it saves us costly repair bills in the long term.

Our bodies and our mouths are no different.

Nervous about seeing the dentist?

We understand that a visit to the dentist can make some people anxious. We work with you to understand your problems and work together to help you achieve that healthy mouth. Dr Rachel Gibbs has a special interest in Sedation Dentistry and has great reputation for putting her patients at ease and providing the best experience possible.