Smile Transformations

With the year coming to a close we start to turn to thoughts of a New Year and new fresh beginnings. Often we think about better health, more exercise and better eating habits. It is also a time we may spend time considering changes to our appearance and this is particularly true where your teeth are concerned!

Happy couple with dental implants from Altrincham South Manchester

How Can Dental Implants Help Me? Part Two

Continuing on from our first blog on Dental Implants, Dr Monder Zbaeda discusses how dental implants are becoming a more regular solution to replacing missing teeth.

In days gone by we may have cut down teeth either side of a missing tooth to provide a bridge but we know that there is a tooth cost to this type of treatment and we know that the more work we do to a tooth the shorten it’s lifespan will be so we tend to be conservation and practise Minimal Intervention Dentistry.

Dental Implant Clinic resoring Smiles in Altrincham South Manchester

How Can Dental Implants Help Me? Part One

In Part One of this blog Dr Monder Zbaeda, principal dentist at Barrington Dental Care in Altrincham, gives you advice on Dental Implants and how they could help you.

Having a full complement of healthy teeth means you can eat properly, you will smile fully and generally feel much better about yourself than if you have teeth missing.

Replacing missing teeth after sporting accidents using dental implants in sale & Altrincham

When All Is Lost It Most Certainly Is Not The End!

When a tooth is damaged, abscessed, missing through trauma or sporting injury, we will do all we can to save it.

With improvements in outcome with root canal treatments this has helped considerably but even so, sometimes we just have to tell you that a tooth needs to be removed.

It may also be that gum disease has progressed and in actual fact several teeth need to be lost despite yours and our best efforts.